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An attractive option for and undisturbed conference. Havskatten is an inspiring oasis for conferences by the sea.

It is important to choose the right place for a meeting, so you can be undisturbed and focused in order to achieve your goals. It is often about finding an attractive alternative to your everyday environment. Here at Havskatten you have the perfect location in a unique and secluded setting by the quayside, close to the town.

Small and large groups

Meet here with the sea as your closest neighbour in a setting with a high feel good factor. Havskatten is perfect for conferences, events, parties or group activities, working as well for smaller groups of a few people as for larger group with many participants. 

Our light and airy room, connected to a large terrace, can accommodate up to 80 people. Our 50-inch TV is used for presentations. 

We also have a smaller conference room equipped with a 58-inch TV for groups up to 25 people, with adjacent balcony overlooking the harbour.

At conferences booked with overnight stay, we open up our kitchen for you to have, for example, a teamwork session, and you can also bring your own food/drinks to use in the kitchen.

No. of people

Maximum 50 people

Equipment included

Tables & chairs, kitchen equipment, large-screen TV, flipchart, Wi-Fi


Upon request

Service included



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