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Hike, dine & overnight stay

Experience our fantastic archipelago nature on foot. Lace up your hiking boots, put on your backpack and set off on a hike along Gothenburg's Skärgårdsled, which is part of the Coast Path. The trail goes over cliffs and through island communities.


You walk on the trail directly at the accommodation. After the hike, you take a shower and take a walk to Tullhuset Restaurang that will serve you a 3-course dinner.

In collaboration with Tullhuset restaurant on Hönö Klåva, we offer a package throughout the year with the three-course dinner "Vinga menu" and overnight stay with breakfast.


By combining Havskatten in Hönö Röd with Tullhuset on Hönö Klåva, you will get the best of Hönö. At Hönö Klåva you can stroll around among shops and restaurants before eating your dinner at Tullhuset. Between Hönö Röd and Hönö Klåva you can easy do the walk of about 2 km, or catch the local bus.




1 day & night


1 595:- SEK per person in doubleroom (singleroom costs 350 SEK extra)

Service included

3-course dinner at Tullhuset + overnight stay + breakfast

Meeting place

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