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Our story

Svenne, who previously worked as a commercial fisherman, and his neighbour Roger, a car mechanic who retrained as a carpenter, made their long held dream of opening a hotel into reality when they opened Havskatten Hotel & Hostel in 2009.

Svenne and Roger, two former neighbours on Hönö, realised their the dream of a hotel & hostel on the quayside in Svenne's old boathouse, after he left commercial fishing and scrapped his boat "GG 253 Port Said".

They wanted to create a unique experience for visitors to the islands, where they would get a taste of life by the sea in an authentic setting on the fishing jetty, with opportunities to go out to sea on Svenne's new boat, which has been called "Port Said" after the old fishing boat.


Svenne left commercial fishing in 2009, when his wooden boat Port Said was scrapped. He trained in tourism instead, and at the same time started to build Havskatten Hotel & Hostel, realizing an old dream that he had had with his former neighbour Roger.

In order to learn more about tourism, he attended a training course organized by the West Swedish Tourist Board, which led to a certification in the Best of Bohuslän network.

Svenne is always available, so his mobile gets hot. You may have to be a bit patient if it is busy. Svenne sees opportunities in most things, - everything can be sorted, in one way or another!

When he is not at Havskatten, he happily spends time on the golf course or with his partner Annelie, who also runs the Hönökakabread baking activity offered at the hotel. 


His son John also works in the business and was a handy assistant when the upper floor at Havskatten was built. John is also very handy with a fishing rod and happily accompanies guests on fishing trips to show them the ropes.

Svenne has always lived in Hönö Röd, and fully intends to keep doing so!

After scrapping his old fishing boat, he purchased a new “Port Said”, a Viknes 1030 which is moored on the quay just outside Havskatten,. This boat is used for experiences guests can book, like fishing trips that can be combine with swimming, seal safaris and a stop at Vinga lighthouse. Grab some friends and join us on a boat trip! This will definitely give you a happy memory to take from your stay in the archipelago.


Roger is the car mechanic who in the 80s studied construction, became a carpenter, and started his own company, Olausson's Bygg. He came to Hönö for a visit and stayed, buying a house in 1986 next door to Svenne. A few years ago he moved from Hönö to Öckerö where he now lives with his wife Nataliia, who sometimes also works at Havskatten. 

Using Rogers building skills it became possible to execute their dream of creating Havskatten in 2009. Roger is the one who never gives up. If something needs to be done, he will do it, no matter how long it takes. Thorough is his middle name!

When he is not at Havskatten, he likes to take off on one of his motorbikes and enjoy the roads and scenery. Norway is a favourite destination. But if his wife gets to choose, then a trip in the motorhome to Croatia is the preferred port of call.

On Sundays he spends his time in deep water as an instructor for junior divers, at Lundbybadet.

At Havskatten we work towards a sustainable environment, and Roger has a prominent role in this, as he is trained in the field.


Ta en prat med mig om du har frågor om bokningar av boende, upplevelser, evenemang, tjänster.


Sven-Göran Hansson

Mob: +46 706-76 93 60



Kontakta mig när du är hos oss som gäst och har frågor runt rummen och lokalen. Jag hjälper dig med det mästa!

Hans Roger Olausson

Mob: +46 704-44 50 62

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